Join award winning photographer and BBC documentary maker, Philip North-Coombes, on a Tao Photo Tour to Namibia or Nepal for a creative adventure.


Photo Tours: Namibia 2019

We are running 3 photo tours to Namibia in 2018 that will give you the opportunity to visit the best locations including Sossusvlei, Etosha National Park, Erindi Private Game Reserve and The Skeleton Coast. The most mesmerising destination in Africa – Namibia combines mountainous dunes, extraterrestrial landscapes, an eerie fogbound coast, merciless deserts and stars so numerous you can read a book by their light. The wildlife is equally impressive – from the regal oryx to the endangered desert lion and black rhino. It is our destination of choice for photography. 


Namibia Tours 2019


We are constantly working on new locations and epic tours. Please get in touch and we will keep you on file to tell you all about these new projects and the additional tours we have prepared.


Philip North-Coombes on location for Sebago in Maine USA.

Philip North-Coombes:

Philip founded Tao Asscociates in 2001. He is a multi-award winning photographer, celebrated for his innovative work in the industry for over 30 years and lauded by the British Journal of Photography. Philip's assignments take him around the world, be it working for top international fashion brands and journals, breaking new ground as a sport and lifestyle photographer, making challenging documentaries for the BBC or giving his time to frontline charities.

 Nepal & Everest Base Camp: 2019

Philip and Ram first took this route to make the Pheriche Hospital documentary in 2006. They repeated the route in 2007 and 2008 to make the 'Everest +' documentary for the BBC. This photo expedition is the most spectacular and challenging that we run and will require good fitness levels. It's unique journey for a very small group of photographers through a diverse country of landscapes and cultures. Places now available.


Everest base camp.

5280 meters

Turkey Tours: 2019 

We have 2 tours for Turkey. One is 5 days long and the other 7 days long. We travel to Sultan Sazligi National Park to photograph the Kayseri Wild Yilki Horses. In the middle of Anatolia you have the opportunity to Photograph almost 300 wild Yilki horses and their riders. It is magical. Other stunning locations are Cappadocia, Salt Lake-Kyrgyz Marquees, in the Yozgat Yenifakili district, taking you back in time hundreds of years. The imagery to be captured is out of this world-with the reflections of the salt lake -we can provide a horseman or a model. We offer the opportunities for you to capture great imagery in mesmerising locations.


Turkey Tours 2019

Sunset in Namibia.

Sunset in Namibia.

Responsible Tourism:

Photography is a wonderful way to interact with the world. It allows us to immerse ourselves with the beauty of landscapes, people and wildlife. We ensure that our tours have a positive impact upon the countries, the wildlife and the people that we visit. We are committed to the values of responsible tourism and always ensure that the beautiful imagery that we take away with us is captured in a sustainable and respectful way.