About us

Tao Photo Tours is run by a collective of independent professional photographers, digital operators, art directors and producers. We run photo tours and expeditions in Namibia and Nepal. We also work together producing Photo Tours across the globe; from the oceans of Hawaii to the barren beauty of Iceland, the slums of India and the abstract grandeur of Mount Everest. Our clients include the BBC, Berghaus, John Lewis, Sebago and Speedo


A unique approach – a professional perspective

At Tao Photo Tours, we structure each day to make the most of the location and light; Some early starts and some late finishes and incredibly rewarding. Each tour is led by a Philip North-Coombes and Tim Wheeler who will be there to offer their unique insight and approach to photography. We offer you an experience that you will treasure forever and capturing it on camera will provide you with those visual memories of your time with us. We take you to locations we know and love and will provide you with endless photography opportunities.

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Invitation to all 

We take great care in creating an inclusive, creative and productive atmosphere in our tours that are open to all with an interest for travel, wilderness, culture and photography. Knowledge of aperture, focal length, depth of field and exposure is useful, but not essential – we can help you learn the technical use of your camera, if that’s what you need. More experienced photographers will have the opportunity to gain a unique insight on how to approach a subject from our professional perspective.

Small and personal – sensitive to your needs

We keep our tours limited to small groups of 8–10 people. While it costs a little more to achieve smaller tours, it  enables us to dedicate plenty of time to pass on to you our extensive experience and knowledge so you can get the most out or your photography.


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Wilderness, wildlife and people

Our tours are shaped by the landscapes and wildlife of each location. But we also dedicate one day to shooting with local people with whom we have developed a unique working relationship. In Namibia we work with the Kalahari Bushman and in Nepal the Tengboche Monks. This gives us the opportunity to pass on our knowledge on how to work with people as a subject matter, how to light a shoot, shoot with screens and directly to capture one.


Post production – unlock new potential

Much of the art of photography takes place in the digital darkroom. This is why we set aside time on each tour to guide you through the process of managing, editing and post producing your digital files, just as we do on a professional shoot. We use Capture One Pro and Lightroom but will be able to assist you with software of your choice.



Responsible Tourism

Photography is a wonderful way to interact with the world. It allows us to immerse ourselves with the beauty of landscapes, people and wildlife. We ensure that our tours have a positive impact upon the countries, the wildlife and the people that we visit. We are committed to the values of responsible tourism and always ensure that the beautiful imagery that we take away with us is captured in a sustainable and respectful way.


Where we stay

There’s a little bit of luxury, a lot of wilderness and the occasional tented camp to give us the best access to the wilderness on each tour. We try to throw in a few really luxurious stops along the way. We use well established lodges to ensure that you are comfortable and well rested.

Good food

At Tao we share a passion for adventure, photography and food! It’s an essential part of any photography workshop or photoshoot. There’s nothing better than a good meal at the end of a rewarding day to discuss ideas and experiences.